A Look Back at Front Desk in 2015

blog postFront Desk’s year end wrap-up, featuring all the highlights of 2015

We don’t know about you, but there are a few things we’re looking forward to leaving behind in 2015. We’re relieved to say sayonara to ugly wearable tech, red cup controversy, and, yes even Left Shark has passed his prime.

While we bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, let’s take a look back at Front Desk’s 2015. (Kinda like Facebook’sYear in Review but without any mention of the Donald.)

Here are some highlights:

Webinars to help you run your business more efficiently

  • We started out our webinar series with Front Desk 101, where our Customer Success Team walked you through building your business on Front Desk.



API improvements to give you the automation tools you need

In August we launched a robust set of APIs, so technology for service businesses can easily integrate with Front Desk. Our integration with Infusionsoft lets you connect to the coaching platform to create customized programs you can share with your staff, athletes, and team to train and track results.

New partners to improve your business

During 2015, new partnerships launched to help you run your business and optimize your clients’ potential. For example,TrainHeroic helps with your coaching and skill tracking needs. While Connect2Classes enables education providers to grow and manage enrollment. And just this week we announced our partnership with Bond Street, a simpler and faster way for Front Desk businesses to get loans at a discount.

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Adding more features to enhance your Front Desk experience

  • You should be able to rest easy knowing your business is in good hands with Front Desk. That’s why we launched these two new pages:
    • The Front Desk Trust Center-where you can find the current status of Front Desk client sites, payment processing, and APIs.
    • The Developer Center-where you can access all things API, including registering your app and choosing a Front Desk API.
  • Coupon, discount, promo code, whatever you call it, you can run the promotions within your Front Desk business. Coupons in Front Desk allow you to track which of your discounts are most successful so you can better understand what motivates your clients.
  • Don’t let another class go missed! Front Desk now automatically sends 24 hour class notifications. You can modify these alerts in your settings.
  • Mid-course enrollment gives your clients the power to sign up for a course, boot camp, or clinic after the start date. Configure your class so clients can easily enroll after the course begins, no staff member help needed!

People who’ve ‘been there, done that’ drop knowledge

We got to chat with some great guests on Front Desk On Air that included:


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Best business practices take you from proficient to stellar

Working with small businesses daily, we know your struggles firsthand. These custom guides were created to help you boost your business:

And a little thank you to our staff

And a little humble brag, because we are so excited to have placed among Seattle’s Best Companies to Work For this year. A first time entrant, our high score was in executive leadership, and as CEO Jon Zimmerman reminded us, “our success at Front Desk comes thanks to the passion and teamwork of our people.”

2015 was a great year for Front Desk and for our customers. We can’t wait to make 2016 the best year yet!

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