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Pitch for the Northwest Adoption Exchange

No one knows how to get into the holiday spirit like kids do. Bright-eyed and wonder-filled, children literally jump from excitement on Christmas morning. So, it may be a shock to find out that some kids in foster care have never even had their own Christmas tree, let alone a steaming hot holiday dinner or shiny wrapped presents. The reality is that 65% of foster kids have been removed from their homes because of neglect. Once in foster care, holidays can be a whole new experience.

The stability foster children crave is found by being adopted into a permanent, loving family. The Northwest Adoption Exchange (NWAE) works with parents to take foster children from visitor to family member. This holiday season, NWAE would like to draw special attention to children age 10 and older, since they have a harder time being placed with forever families.

One of the biggest hurdles for prospective adoptive parents is not even knowing where to start. The NWAE tells personal stories to help answer questions and calm anxieties people may have about adopting.

Stories like Corey’s, a Seattle 5th grader who loves the 49ers and games of tag, and who also happens to still be waiting for a permanent home. His toothy grin and spunky spirit reveal a child ready for a family all his own, who can help him through past hurts.

The story of Joe and Sue Helenski is also an inspiration for families entertaining the idea of adding to their loving home. The Helenski’s adopted 15 year-old Kimmy after fostering kids for 4 years. They initially considered adopting a baby, but realized “no one was taking a chance on these older kids.” They decided on Kimmy after they clicked and found that “she just needed that fertile soil to be able to plant and then sprout.”

Would you be interested in sharing the stories of adoption with your readers? We would be happy to connect your readers who would be interested in adoption with the Northwest Adoption Exchange. I can also provide you with more information including a press release.


Blog Influencer Pitch for Front Desk

Hi Nicole!

I came across Kindermusik as I was looking at music and children’s activities blogs.

The Minds on Music Blog has impressive thought leadership on children and music education, especially with posts like “Scientists Call Music ‘The Social Glue that Bonds People.’” Kindermusik’s 37 years in the business of early childhood music education is experience that would really resonate with our readers at Front Desk.

Would Kindermusik be interested in a guest post feature on our blog? I know our readers would love to hear what your educators have to say about starting up and running a successful music business. We would love to share your business basics with our social media followers, have our designer create an awesome graphic, and also send it out in an email blast to our software users.

With 75,000 unique page views/month and great customers like FIT4MOM and , I think we could drive some serious attention and new readers to your blog in the process.

Let me know what you think. Or, if you have any other ideas about partnering with Front Desk, I’d love to hear them!